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Blue 3D render themed Minecarft mini map containing a little village around a castle

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With years of experience, JfCrafters has created countless Minecraft maps and skin packs, resulting in a large number of downloads and satisfied customers.

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Jock (owner of JFCrafters) is above all a decent person and treats his colleagues with respect. He works hard and puts his all into projects. Certainly, someone who is well worth collaborating with.

I recorded videos for a whole series of the 7 dimension parkour conquest map and it was an absolute joy. The map takes a good amount of time to play going for hours and challenges all level in 7 different themes / universes with bosses and extra enemies included a really great map something rare on the marketplace nowadays !!

Block of Duty 2 by JFCrafters is EPIC!
The gameplay far exceeded my expectations.
Not only were there custom textures for every block and item, custom monsters with unique sound effects, and an intricate map to explore but the wave survival and exploration gameplay was very fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the map and still have a lot of it to explore before I find the source of the zombie apocalypse. It's definitely a Minecraft DLC worth purchasing!

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blue 3D render Minecraft little stor with minecraft swords and pickaxes floating around it

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